Liposome Correcting Fluid

Liposome Correcting Fluid | Challenges Your Skin to Correct Itself by PH Balancing. See Dramatic Improvements within 48 hours!


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Use this serum on freshly cleansed skin to see amazing results.  Ideally, use as a regime with our Oxygen Serum applied first, then  follow with 1 pump of Liposome Correcting Fluid, and  1 pump Moisture Magnet Hydragel. If more moisture is needed, apply 1 pump of Oil Free Lotion or our famous Goat Milk Cream. Follow with sunscreen or make up.

Water/eau, saccharomyces lysate extract, phospholipids, superoxide dismutase, trehalose, tremella fuciforms polysaccharide, sodium hyaluronate, yeast beta-glucan, xanthan gum, sodium acrylate/acrylonitrogens copolymer, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, haxylene glycol, phytic acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium benzoate

Challenge your skin to correct itself! Even if your imperfections are numerous you will see a difference within days with our heavy duty repair serum.

Check out our Liposome Correcting Fluid.  You’ll see dramatic improvements in most skin problems within days with this 24-hour Liposome Correcting Fluid infused with soluble beta glucans. This water based correcting serum is PH Balancing and helps improve skin’s ability to defend itself everyday.  See the return of healthier acting skin by helping to clear visible blemishes and discourages problem breakouts.  Barrier replenishing agents improve your skin’s resistance to the environment for long term recovery you can depend on.  Challenge your skin to correct itself today! You deserve it!

You can expect to improve your skins’ ability to defend itself everyday, and helps clear visible blemishes with 48 hours, plus discourages problem skin in the future.

The types of skin that will benefit most are those who have multiple imperfections, daily sensitivity, sun-exposed or damaged skin, blemished or acne prone skin, signs that skin immunity is compromised, or skin that’s recently been lasered, microdermabrasion, or chemically treated.

  • Diminishes visible imperfections in days to a week, regardless of skin type.
  • Reduces signs of stress.
  • Supports skin’s ability to repair its appearance
  • Encourages faster recovery from skin resurfacing treatments.
  • 3 Beta Glucan – a Biological Response Modifier (BRM) challenges skin to correct itself
  • Superoxide Dismutase – a powerful biological antioxidant tht controls sighns of inflammation.
  • Saccharomyces Lysate Extract help correct red or yellow skin tones and improved skin’s energy levels.
  • Silver Ear Mushroom – Five times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid
  • Trehalose – is a antioxidant cell protector found in resurrection desert plants that bloom after years of dormant dehydration.

Say Bye Bye to large pores and  Hello to a NEW YOU today!


SIZE: 1.12 OZ (30 ml)

BOTTLE TYPE: Glass Bottle with a locking pump dispenser

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